Bagh & Co A/S is a company that on basis of steel coils manufactures and sells Cable ways (Cable ladders and –trays) and accessories.

All products are made in house except bolts and nuts. Surface treatment (hot dip galvanizing) are also done by certified subsuppliers.

The steel coils are purchased in appropriate dimensions and perforated and rollerformed into strong profiles suitable for cable ladders and – trays. Some coils are used for the manufacturing of fittings made for easy assembling of the cable way systems. The systems are in trade as Bagh Cableways.

Bagh & Co A/S employes 13 people.

Bagh & Co A/S is a limited company owned by succesors of Hans Bagh.
Current shareholders are

Elin Find-Andersen
John Bagh
Lene Bagh
Hanne Bagh
Jette Bagh

Board of directors

Torben Nybo (Chairman)
John Bagh (Managing director)
Lene Bagh
Kim Egegaard

Bagh & Co A/S was established in 1936 by Aksel Bagh. From the start the company was a traditional electrician company. In the period from 1950 to the late sixties the company developed as a leader of industrial installations. From the seventies the company has been focusing on production and marketing of cable support systems (Cable ladders and -trays). To day this is the core activity of Bagh & Co A/S.

Bagh & Co a/s

Stadionvej 2
DK-3390 Hundested
tlf: 47 93 78 45
fax: 47 93 79 43